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Softwash Exterior Cleaning can assist you in the improvement and maintenance of your property's exterior surrounds.

Knowing the most appropriate approach to cleaning each surface will mean longer lasting results with less risk of damage to the material.

We can provide businesses and homeowners with tailored maintenance plans or one-off deep cleaning of surfaces including:

  • Car parks and Driveways
  • Paving and public amenities 
  • Patios and decking

  • artificial grass and sports surfaces

Periodic maintenance of grounds ensures surfaces remain clean and fresh, free from slippy Moss or Algae and staining caused by littering or accidental spillages. Things like oil and paints require combinations of specialised removal products and knowledge of the substrate to ensure successful removal without damage to the surface.

Our DOFF steam cleaning system makes light work of chewing gum or stubborn adhesives. Assist in the removal of graffiti and sanitises surfaces spoiled by animal vermin or other harmful bacterias.

Restoration and maintenance of artificial sports surfaces for three time major winning golfer Padraig Harrington. 

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